Unknown Thugs Attacks B.S.U protesting students

Unknown Thugs Attacks B.S.U protesting students

Some Group of People who are Against Education in Benue State has just Obstructed a peaceful protest carried out by the Law Abiding Citizens of Benue State University. Remember that the Prestigious BSU has been short down for over 2 months due to the inability of the Govt and ASUU BSU to reach an agreement.
One can now tell that the future of a Benue Child is being used to play Politics while the Students are idle at home. These Students have decided to Make their voices heard as they feel so sad that their school is shut down and Some unknown youths have decided to disrupt the peaceful action by the Benue State University Students.

“Its disappointing that over 300 thugs to beat up the students Protesting for what is rightfully theirs. And members of the Nigeria Police joined the thugs in intimidating the students.

Its clear that the thugs were sent from the government house as they came wearing shirts with the governor face and a write up supporting this candidature for 2019..

What is the hope for the Benue youth and students?

When the governor is feeling too big to hear the cry of over 4000 students of BSU.” – Comr. Akande Barns

see pictures below:


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